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Runner Bibs & Timing Chips

Upon packet pickup each participant receives an envelope enclosed with a runners bib, one timing chip and twist ties. In order for Speedy Sneakers to provide the most accurate timing results, as well as for safety purposes, we ask that each racer wears the bib and timing chip assigned to them.

Runner Bibs

All registered participants receive a bib number that must be worn on race day. Please do not alter the bib in any way. The bib must be visible and worn on the front outside of all clothing during the entire race.

Timing Chips

Speedy Sneakers uses the IPICO Sports Dual Frequency Timing System. The plastic IPICO Sports timing chip should lay flat on top of the participants sneaker and should be secured using the provided twist ties.

  • Please do not attach the chip to your shoe using shoe laces as this can break the chip and therefore you receive no time
  • Please do not wear your chip anywhere except your shoe top, as this can cause your chip to be unreadable and you receive no time
  • Please remember to bring your chip with you to the race if you picked up your packet prior to race day

Go Green

The IPICO timing chips are reusable. In an effort to Go Green, Speedy Sneakers collects all chips at the end of each race. Please be aware of further instructions on how chip collection will proceed on race day.

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