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Speedy Sneakers offers the latest in timing technology that produces timely and accurate results that work even in harsh and challenging environmental conditions to provide real time data services to various racing competitions.

IPICO Sports technology is an innovative race timing system for active sports. These activities include running, cross-country, triathlon, cycling, swimming and scholastic fitness assessments. Regardless of event size, type or weather conditions, IPICO’s award winning RFID chip timing products accurately record all of the necessary information to meet the event needs. Timely and reliable results are guaranteed when the participants use the IPICO Sports Tag, which is provided by Speedy Sneakers.


What is IPICO Sports RFID Chip Timing?

IPICO Sports RFID chip timing systems is one of the most reliable systems on the market, designed to overcome many challenges utilizing it’s patented Dual Frequency technology (IP-X™). This technology was developed to offer the following benefits:

  • Short well defined charge range and read range allows for better accuracy
  • Much longer read range than Low Frequency
  • Higher anti-collision than Low Frequency
  • Able to read through liquids, making it especially well-suited for triathlons and mud runs
  • Works in all weather conditions – including very low to very high temperatures, high moisture environments and a wide-range of problematic surface conditions

Accurate & Precise

IPICO systems offer the most accurate and precise timing technology obtainable.


IPICO’s powerful timing equipment is produced at a high standard, so to perform in some of the harshest competitive conditions possible.


Broaden your timing capabilities with our flexible IPICO equipment.




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